CoNLL 2017

August 3-4, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

CoNLL is a top-tier conference, yearly organized by SIGNLL (ACL's Special Interest Group on Natural Language Learning). This year, CoNLL will be colocated with ACL 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. The special focus of this edition is on statistical, cognitive and grammatical inference.


The conference schedule is now available. An ordered list of accepted papers is also still available.

Note for Poster Presenters:

Poster boards are self standing display boards, 4 feet (121cm) wide and 3 feet (91cm) tall, placed on 6 foot (182cm) long, 18 inch (45cm) deep tables. You are free to choose poster dimensions so long as they fit on the boards; we suggest that landscape orientation is likely to work best. Pushpins, clips, double-sided tape, etc. will be provided to affix the posters to the boards.

Invited Speakers

  • Naomi Feldman - University of Maryland, USA
    Rational distortions of learners' linguistic input
  • Chris Dyer - DeepMind/CMU, USA
    Should Neural Network Architecture Reflect Linguistic Structure?

CoNLL 2017 Chairs

Shared Tasks

In 2017, CoNLL will have two associated shared tasks.


In order to attend or present at CoNLL 2017, you must register at ACL 2017 for "Workshops (2-day)" here.