CoNLL 2020

November 19-20, 2020

CoNLL is a yearly conference organized by SIGNLL (ACL's Special Interest Group on Natural Language Learning). This year, CoNLL will be colocated with EMNLP 2020, and like EMNLP will be a fully virtual conference. The deadline was July 17. CoNLL will not have an author response period; decisions will be communicated to authors on September 18, 2020, following deliberations between the reviewers, the area chairs and the program chairs.


July 2: The submission site is now available:

April 22: CoNLL 2020 will host a shared task on Cross-Framework Meaning Representation Parsing.

April 14: Following the EMNLP program chairs' decision to move EMNLP online and change its dates, CoNLL 2020 will also be a virtual conference. The CoNLL submission deadline has been moved to July 17, and the conference will now take place on November 19-20.

March 30: Given the coronavirus crisis, we are coordinating with the EMNLP program chairs, and will adopt their decision as to the format of the conference (virtual, physical, or hybrid). Regardless of the format of the conference, we are sticking to our original paper submission deadline for now (June 5).

February 27: We are soliciting expressions of interest from individuals who would like to serve as Area Chairs for the conference. Area Chairs will help recruit reviewers, coordinate the reviewing process, and create a diverse and high-quality program consistent with the scope of the conference (see the Call for Papers below). If you are willing to be considered, please fill out this form by March 11, 2020.

Invited Speakers

Call for Papers

SIGNLL invites submissions to the 24th Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL 2020). The main focus of CoNLL is on theoretically, cognitively and scientifically motivated approaches to computational linguistics, rather than on work driven by particular engineering applications. Such approaches include:

  • Computational learning theory and other techniques for theoretical analysis of machine learning models for NLP
  • Models of first, second and bilingual language acquisition by humans
  • Models of language evolution and change
  • Computational simulation and analysis of findings from psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic experiments
  • Analysis and interpretation of NLP models, using methods inspired by cognitive science or linguistics or other methods
  • Data resources, techniques and tools for scientifically-oriented research in computational linguistics
  • Connections between computational models and formal languages or linguistic theories
  • Linguistic typology and other multilingual work

We welcome work targeting any aspect of language, including:

  • Speech and phonology
  • Syntactic parsing
  • Lexical, compositional and discourse semantics
  • Dialogue and interactive language use
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Multimodal and grounded language learning

Submitted papers must be anonymous and use the EMNLP 2020 template. Submitted papers may consist of up to 8 pages of content plus unlimited space for references. Authors of accepted papers will have an additional page to address reviewers’ comments in the camera-ready version (9 pages of content in total, excluding references). Anonymized supplementary materials are allowed as an optional PDF appendix, in line with EMNLP 2020 guidelines. Submission is electronic, using the Softconf START conference management system:

CoNLL adheres to the ACL anonymity policy, as described in the EMNLP 2020 Call for Papers. Briefly, manuscripts submitted to CoNLL cannot be posted to preprint websites such as arXiv or advertised on social media after June 17.

Multiple submission policy

CoNLL 2020 will not accept papers that have been or will be submitted to other meetings or publications. Papers submitted elsewhere as well as papers that overlap significantly in content or results with papers that will be (or have been) published elsewhere will be rejected. Authors submitting more than one paper to CoNLL 2020 must ensure that the submissions do not overlap significantly (>25%) with each other in content or results.

Important Dates

  • Anonymity period starts: June 17, 2020
  • Paper submission deadline: July 17, 2020
  • Notification of acceptance and end of anonymity period: September 18, 2020
  • Camera-ready due: October 9, 2020
  • Conference: November 19-20, 2020 (right after EMNLP 2020)

All deadlines are at 11:59pm UTC-12h ("anywhere on earth").

Shared Task

CoNLL 2020 hosts a shared task on Cross-Framework Meaning Representation Parsing (MRP 2020).

Area Chairs

  • Aida Nematzadeh
  • Alvin Grisom II
  • Andrew Caines
  • Arianna Bisazza
  • Barry Devereux
  • Colin Bannard
  • Daniel Cer
  • David Schlangen
  • Erik Velldal
  • Greg Durrett
  • Grzegorz Chrupala
  • Jacob Andreas
  • Kevin Duh
  • Kyle Gorman
  • Leon Bergen
  • Marten van Schijndel
  • Michael Roth
  • Raffaella Bernardi
  • Roi Reichert
  • Sam Bowman
  • Stella Frank
  • Tim O’Donnell
  • Vivek Srikumar
  • Yevgeni Berzak
  • Yonatan Belinkov
  • Yulia Tsvetkov

Best Paper Award



CoNLL 2020 Chairs

Our email is

Presentation and Registration Requirements

In order to virtually attend or present at CoNLL 2020, you must register through EMNLP 2020, selecting one of the options allowing your participation to workshops. All accepted papers must be presented at the conference in order to appear in the proceedings. At least one author of each accepted paper must register for CoNLL 2020. Accepted papers will be presented orally (we will follow the virtual conference model adopted by ACL and EMNLP). All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. 

CoNLL 2020 Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge support from Google Research.

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